Version 0.7 Lindqvist Released! And three days remain in the Kickstarter...

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-07-19 03:27:33 UTC

To celebrate the achievement of not just the success of our Kickstarter, but also reaching the first stretch goal, we've pushed hard to get out a release before it ends!

The biggest piece of news is that the game now has built in support for multiple languages! Which... probably won't mean much for you, since we haven't fully finished translating anything yet, but the support is there. Other changes include torches now lighting enemies on fire, new bionics, item spawning much easier to mod, a configurable auto-pickup option for retrieving arrows and whatever else, and rotten items now eventually disappearing from the map.

We also did a bit of rebalancing (for example, you'll notice that Jabberwocks are much more rare now) and fixed various bugs such as turrets deciding to go for walkabout and ending up in strange places.

As always, you can find the thread with the full feature list in our announcement forums:

We actually released a quick bugfix release before this announcement, so technically this will be 7.1 Lindqvist. To make sure you have the appropriate version, it's best to download from the sidebar until the links are updated.